[Tagging] US Forest Service (USDA) and logging

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Wed Jul 18 07:30:17 UTC 2018

On 18/07/18 10:25, Michael Patrick wrote:
>     > Apparently areas used for logging-related purposes are not to be
>     mapped in
>     > OSM .. there are no tags available for this land use.
>     > We simply cannot map them.
>     >
>     Well, this complicates things for the US, most national forests
>     are for this purpose.
> Actually, it is not 'most' ... 2,000 Million total acres of land, only 
> 150 Million under unreserved forest land (timberland). And of that 
> actual harvesting affects only 10 million acres in the U.S. annually, 
> or about 1.3% of all forest land. But, I agree, it is 'complicated':

Yes it is complicated.
Here a pink arse parrot takes up residence in a tree and you cannot log 
near them. Fine.
But the intention was and is to have that area available for timber, may 
not happen for another 20 years .. but it should happen.
So I'd still map it for the landuse of timber.
There are other restrictions too - near a creek etc.

My idea of landuse=logging is that it takes place for a short period of 
time (compared to the growing of a tree) so it is like changing 
landuse=farmland to landuse=harvesting while crops are being harvested.
Not only that, but it may be that an area of trees is being cut down to 
create a farm or a new suburb or some industrial plant ... so 
landuse=logging is not a good tag.  No mater how numerous the use of the 

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