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> > Apparently areas used for logging-related purposes are not to be mapped
> in
> > OSM .. there are no tags available for this land use.
> > We simply cannot map them.
> >
> Well, this complicates things for the US, most national forests are for
> this purpose.

Actually, it is not 'most' ... 2,000 Million total acres of land, only 150
Million under unreserved forest land (timberland). And of that actual
harvesting affects only 10 million acres in the U.S. annually, or about
1.3% of all forest land. But, I agree, it is 'complicated':

"Forest-wide management requirements (standards and guidelines) for
resources and activities such as vegetation management, timber, wilderness,
fish and wildlife habitat, grazing, recreation, mineral exploration and
development, water and soils, cultural and historic resources, research
natural areas, and diversity of plant and animal communities. ...The
activities described in a management area prescription might include
motorized recreation, non-motorized recreation, ski areas, timber harvest,
livestock grazing, mineral exploration and development, roads and trails,
buildings, fire and fuels management, invasive species control, research
activities, and protection of resources such as air, water, riparian areas,
soils, wildlife habitat, species diversity, or cultural and historic
resources. "

Most state forest plans also follow the same multiple use model. And
'private' timberland is about the same amount of area as the public

Michael Patrick
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