[Tagging] building = house vs detached.

Steve Doerr doerr.stephen at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 22:14:32 UTC 2018

On 22/07/2018 21:27, Tom Pfeifer wrote:
> Probably the reason can be explained etymologically.
> In the UK, terraced houses (AmE row houses) are very common, so those 
> lucky enough to hear less noise from their neighbours emphasize that 
> by owning a 'detached' (not attached to a terrace) or 'semi-detached' 
> (two houses sharing a wall) building. The detached/semi-detached also 
> allow outdoor access to the back garden, so the 'end-of-terrace' house 
> is marketed with a similar advantage.

In a typical British terrace, each house has its own back garden.


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