[Tagging] building = house vs detached.

Jmapb jmapb at gmx.com
Mon Jul 23 01:09:03 UTC 2018

On 7/22/2018 7:57 PM, Paul Allen wrote:
> You've (perhaps inadvertently) highlighted the problem.  A detached 
> building looks like a house, so is tagged as
> building=detached.  A property in a terrace (row house in Merkin) 
> doesn't look like a house, so is tagged as
> building=house.

That's about the size of it. People will most likely continue tagging 
freestanding houses as "house" because, hey, it's a house. Luckily, it's 
not incorrect. I can imagine a theoretical mapper wanting to retag them 
as "detached" instead, and I'd tell that mapper: "Nah. Let those houses 
be. They're fine."

> Oh, and then there are bungalows and cottages, which count as houses 
> in OSM, so are tagged as
> building=detached.

Nb, the wiki does offer building=bungalow, and there are nearly 50k of 
them out there. I'd consider bungalow a special subset of detached 
(which is a special subset of house, etc.)

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