[Tagging] building = house vs detached.

Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Mon Jul 23 04:17:28 UTC 2018

On 23 July 2018 04:09:03 EEST, Jmapb <jmapb at gmx.com> wrote:
>On 7/22/2018 7:57 PM, Paul Allen wrote:
>> You've (perhaps inadvertently)  
>> Oh, and then there are bungalows and cottages, which count as houses 
>> in OSM, so are tagged as
>> building=detached.
>Nb, the wiki does offer building=bungalow, and there are nearly 50k of 
>them out there. I'd consider bungalow a special subset of detached 
>(which is a special subset of house, etc.)
What about semi detached bungalows?

In British English a bungalow is a single storey dwelling, I. E. It refers to the vertical axis. Nothing is implied about its juxtaposition. There are also terraced bungalows.

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