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> Maybe in the UK with its tradition of terraced houses there could be a
> cultural interest in something like terraced bungalows and there is also an
> energetic advantage from reducing external walls, but overall there’s
> little danger this will become a widespread concept for housing.

Actually, it's already widespread in the UK.  An increasing percentage of
the population are single people rather than
members of families.  There is increasing pressure from government to build
"social housing" (cheap housing that
people can actually afford to live in).  It doesn't just have the advantage
of better energy efficiency, it also allows more
residences to be built on a plot of land, maximizing profit for the
builder.  Yes, a terraced "two up, two down" would
allow even more residences on the same side plot, but those have stairs and
regulations concerning disabilities mean
the costs of equipping those with lifts would outweigh the savings.

I live in a "terraced bungalow."  The builder (who is also my landlord) has
built many such across the county and
neighbouring counties.  I wouldn't describe it as a terraced bungalow,
though.  I'd not heard the phrase until this thread
started, and I doubt many people not reading this thread would recognize
(or even understand) the phrase.  But they're
becoming very common amongst new build.

To add even more exceptions to this, I recently mapped two buildings that
were originally chapels when built one or
two hundred years ago (and had the traditional appearance of chapels).
Both had been deconsecrated and converted
into two residences.  So building=chapel overall but building=house twice

This whole thing is getting rather messy.  That's because the real world is
messy.  What about a detached house that
has been converted into several flats?  As somebody else said,
building=terrace is useful for quick mapping with
a number range, not individual residences but is not really useful (or
sensible) for mapping individual residences in
a terrace.  Visual inspection of the map tells you if a building is
detached, semi-detached or part of a terrace; there's
no need for deeper tagging unless you're a police team planning on
releasing hostages by breaking down walls
between residences in a terrace (so then you'd need a routeing algorithm,
if you were too stupid to just look at the

How about building=residential to replace house/terrace/detached?  And
maybe replace bungalow too, because
building:levels=1 already encompasses that case.

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