[Tagging] Use of namespace as a Lifecycle

yo paseopor yopaseopor at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 16:00:42 UTC 2018

Thank you for guide me to a project that...doesn't work at some times. You
know now why my option is the one I have made.

In addition to that. As the future does not exist these items with proposed
also does not exist, doesn't? So these (~20.000) items: out of OSM please.

The explanation also for disused is ok, but what about was: (~10.000) or
abandoned: (~180.000) ? Are you telling me are these items now exists yet
in OSM? Also this https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/41779143 ?

I don't map anything that does not exists, the works to do the conservation
of the sand has almost done. The parking is transformed.It is not a parking
no more but is the same zone.It is not the first example you can find of
that in OSM.

Also I know in background OSM database does not erase anything!! (I have
read it marks with non-visible tags or something like that) so there is no
reason for losing the information we have now. It is present, it is real,
and I invite you to visit this beautiful zone ;)

Salut i mapes

PD: This issue is about a parking of the zone, it is not about an imported
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