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>> I went and updated the wiki a little bit. I added details to the 
>> building=house 
>> <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:building%3Dhouse> and
> you kept the „single dwelling“ paragraph. I’ve got no feedback on my 
> previous mail about houses in villages (with several units (1-3) and 
> independent entrances). They can be quite old (basements in one 
> village I‘m going to frequently have been carved into the tuff stone 
> and predate ancient roman times, the upper floors are usually a few 
> hundred years old in this village, but others can also be more 
> recent). They are residential buildings with usually 1 apartments per 
> floor and 2-3 floors. (pictures see in the other mail)
> Are these “houses” or not?

For me a "house" is a single family dwelling.. or at least intended for 
a single family.

If it is intended for more than one family (and the independent 
entrances give that feeling) then I'd not use "house" .. apartments 
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