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Andreas Meier pameier at web.de
Wed Jun 6 19:33:33 UTC 2018

I canceled to proposal of the tag "scenic" to properly close the discussion.
Although I thought it was a truly wonderful idea I don't really seem to be
in the majority.

I had some more ideas to formulare clearer criteria - but the more I think
about them the more it became clear that I always refer to information or
tags already in the map. (like existence of separated cycleways or
'secondary roads' as a proxy for more traffic). So the new tag would seem
just redundant - and clever navigation algorithms could derive the same
information without "my" tag. And I accept that traffic density - which
would be helpful as an additional information - would not be a very reliable


The mail reference to signposts for scenic streets in some countries is
interesting - but I don't want to modify the proposal to focus on that
because I don't know these signposts from the area I live in. And the
existing use of scenic = yes already seems to cover exactly this situation.


So I want to thank Paul for technical help, everybody for the input and
hereby close the proposal.



Von: Andreas Meier [mailto:pameier at web.de] 
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2018 23:50
An: 'tagging at openstreetmap.org' <tagging at openstreetmap.org>
Betreff: Feature Proposal - RFC - scenic


Hi there,


I would like to propose an new map feature and would like some comments. The
page can be found here:




|name           = scenic quality of tracks/paths for tour planning

|user           = GPSfriend

|key            = scenic

|value          = scenicgrade1 (best) to scenicgrade4 (worst)

|type           = 

|definition     = tag classify the beauty of tracks/paths

|appearance     = 

|status         = Proposed

|draftStartDate = 2018-05-29

|rfcStartDate   = 2018-05-31

|voteStartDate  = 

|voteEndDate    = 



As this is my first wiki entry ever I welcome helpful comments if I put
something wrong, and especially on how to upload some pictures I took today.
And of course I look forward to your input!




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