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I fully agree that something like a “normal” waiting area, like the area at the gate for an airport, or the waiting room at a hospital, dentist or whatever is not a lounge. Nobody proposed to tag these as amenity=lounge.


The proposal is for “A distinct tag for lounges, such as those in airports and at stations.”




“Lounges are found not only in airports (although some users might associate lounges primarily with airline-branded offerings), but also train/bus stations, hotels (often called an "Executive lounge") and ferry terminals. These are generally places offering shelter, food/drink, sometimes shower and sleeping facilities. A major transport hub can feature a number of lounges.


Considering the quantity of such POIs and, often, their importance to a traveller, it makes sense to have a custom tag for them. It is an amenity distinct from others, despite offering services that can often be associated with e.g. a bar, buffet or cafe.”


Nowhere here does it say that the waiting room at your local doctor should be tagged as an amenity=lounge.


But for the things that the proposal specifically targets, amenity=lounge seems an adequate label to me.


If there is one thing I find objectionable in the proposal, it’s the “A simpler lounge at DXB” example. THAT is not something I would consider a lounge. 


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At Stations

The First Class lounges are open Monday to Friday and are a great place to work or relax while you're waiting for a train. They offer complimentary refreshments, WiFi, fax and phone services are available.


Again, these are NOT waiting rooms.  They REQUIRE a purchase for use.  In this instance, the purchase of a

first-class ticket.  They cannot be used without payment.

They're an argument for a subtag, perhaps (purchase_required, or free=no or some such) but they are not arguments

for tagging waiting rooms amenity=lounge.  Perhaps an argument for amenity=lounge as well as
amenity=waiting_room but I suspect that would cause more problems than it solves.

I can be convinced.  Point me to evidence of widespread hospital lounges, doctors' surgery lounges, dentists'

lounges, etc. and I will change my mind.  Until then, it appears that the vast preponderance of waiting rooms

at railway stations compared to a handful of lounges, means that amenity=waiting_room is the way to go.



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