[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Sauna

Max abonnements at revolwear.com
Mon Jun 11 09:17:28 UTC 2018

Great idea to make the sauna key more useful. But it should be looked at 
in more detail and with less of a Finnish bias. :)

Some questions that the tag should address:

1. How to tag a place which has several individual saunas?
1b. What about other sauna related amenities like cold pools (how 
cold?), whirlpools, hot tubs (how hot?)... Ice buckets, etc.
2. What's the method of heating: Wood, electricity...
3. What's the designated temperature in that sauna?
4. Are occupants allowed to handle the löyly themselves or is only staff 
allowed to do that? At what times do they (often Saunas have löyly at 
the full hour/ half hour, etc)
5. how many people fit inside?
6. how to tag the opening hours if they are different for men/women/mixed?
7. is clothing allowed?
8. There ara also other types of saunas in the world that might have 
their particularities. 찜질방 in Korea come to my mind, where you can 
actually spend as much time as you want and even stay overnight. The 
very traditional types are basically a kiln and have a fire burning 
inside for a day and then the ashea are brushed out and the walls 
radiate the heat for another day.

Then there are countries where the word sauna is just a synonym for a 
place where people fuck, like it is in France. Might lead to odd 
situations if those are confused.

Some of these things on the list may indeed be concluded from the 
country specific customs, but a map and tagging scheme should at least 
consider them


On 10.06.2018 14:01, Jyri-Petteri Paloposki wrote:
> Hi,
> proposing a new (or actually amended) use of the sauna key to specify
> which kind of sauna the leisure=sauna is. The proposal can be found in
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/sauna.
> The proposed values as of now are as follows:
> – sauna=yes
>    General purpose value
> – sauna=hot
>    A Finnish-style sauna with a temperature of over 60°C because of the
> water thrown on the rocks of the stove. This kind of sauna is relatively
> dry because of the high temperature.
> – sauna=steam
>    A Turkish-style steam sauna with a lower temperature and limited
> visibility because of the steam generated.
> – sauna=smoke
>    A Finnish-style hot sauna in which the stove has no chimney but
> instead the smoke fills the room when the sauna is prepared, and the
> smoke is then ventilated out when the sauna is ready.
> – sauna=dry
>    A non-steam dry sauna in which water is not thrown on the stove.
> – sauna=aroma
>    A sauna that constantly has an aroma. A Finnish sauna with occasional
> aroma liquid added to the water is tagged as sauna=hot.
> – sauna=infrared
>    A sauna-like construction that is used for infrared therapy.
> Best regards,

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