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Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Mon Jun 11 13:12:19 UTC 2018

On 10 June 2018 23:42:07 BST, "Fran├žois Lacombe" <fl.infosreseaux at gmail.com> wrote:
>2018-06-11 0:14 GMT+02:00 Graeme Fitzpatrick <graemefitz1 at gmail.com>:
>> Thanks for that, but I'm afraid that the continual OSM worldwide
>> translation problem is raising it's ugly head yet again.
>> In Australia at least, "telephone exchange" refers to the building
>> which houses the Main Frame (where all the cables are terminated) &
>> various types of switching equipment. In 20 years of working for our
>> Telecom, I never heard the phrase "Central Office" - the closest
>thing that
>> would refer to is an Admin Office of some sort.
>I understand this well, and we have to choose a single value to do the
>As OSM main language is British English, I would use central office.
>Furthermore, telephone exchange sounds to be focused on telephone

Office to my British ears sounds American, in British English we refer to a telephone exchange. 

For example my town has a largeish building, which is probably very empty these days and dotted over the town are cabinets where the main lines/fibre is split out to provide links to individual premises. 

Phil (trigpoint) 

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