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On a remotely related note, while looking through taginfo, I was surprised
that emergency=stop_button has only 2 uses and there don't seem to be any
other values to tag something of that nature.


On Wikipedia it's documented at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kill_switch


A tag for this would certainly be useful e.g. for petrol stations to mark
the location of the emergency stop button for the pumps.


Stop buttons are also used in workshops - to stop rotating machinery without
getting near it, can save a life. 


Yes, that was my point.  Emergency stop buttons aka kill switches (Not-Aus
in German) are something that should be of general interest to map, and the
ones for the pumps at a petrol station is just one possible example.

In addition to just tagging the position of the emergency=stop_button, some
scheme to define what exactly is affected by it might be useful.

e.g. something like a type=effect relation, with effect=stop (or
emergency_stop) and the emergency=stop_button node (role = effecter or maybe
source) and man_made=fuel_pump nodes (role = empty or maybe target).

That general scheme could be applied to pretty much everything. If someone
wants to go wild with indoor mapping and map light fixtures and switches, no
problem. Call buttons for elevators, door bells, whatever.

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