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Stop buttons are also found on escalators.

Phil (trigpoint) 

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>On a remotely related note, while looking through taginfo, I was
>that emergency=stop_button has only 2 uses and there don't seem to be
>other values to tag something of that nature.
>On Wikipedia it's documented at
>A tag for this would certainly be useful e.g. for petrol stations to
>the location of the emergency stop button for the pumps.
>Stop buttons are also used in workshops - to stop rotating machinery
>getting near it, can save a life. 
>Yes, that was my point.  Emergency stop buttons aka kill switches
>in German) are something that should be of general interest to map, and
>ones for the pumps at a petrol station is just one possible example.
>In addition to just tagging the position of the emergency=stop_button,
>scheme to define what exactly is affected by it might be useful.
>e.g. something like a type=effect relation, with effect=stop (or
>emergency_stop) and the emergency=stop_button node (role = effecter or
>source) and man_made=fuel_pump nodes (role = empty or maybe target).
>That general scheme could be applied to pretty much everything. If
>wants to go wild with indoor mapping and map light fixtures and
>switches, no
>problem. Call buttons for elevators, door bells, whatever.

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