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Peter Elderson pelderson at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 06:04:47 UTC 2018

In Nederland we have a growing number of  "exit constructions", where
traffic has to cross a section of sidewalk to join the larger road. There
is no traffic sign for this, it is indicated by the construction and lining
of the join section. "If it looks like a driveway exit, treat it like a
driveway exit" is the idea. Don't bother with signs, just use more sidewalk


This has (legal and practical) implications for speed and right of way:
traffic coming from an exit construction has to give way to all sides, to
all traffic including pedestrians, and maxspeed = 15 Kmph.

Some mappers want to tag this so it could be rendered and routed taking
speed limit and right of way into account.

The easiest solution is to tag the end of the joining road (where traffic
crosses the sidewalk) with an exiting or new highway tag, defining it as a
section which can be crossed (and routed) but has to give way to all, and
limits speed.

Any thoughts on this?

Vr gr Peter Elderson
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