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while some show a shape in one image, but other's, possibly during the northern winter, show an empty deserted beach.



I would consider lifeguard=place to be still acceptable for these if there is some defined time when a lifeguard is present. Maybe specified with a seasonal tag or opening_hours (e.g. only on weekends or something like that).


If it is not near water .. then how does it match the general perception of 'lifeguard'? 

Definition of lifeguard - an expert swimmer employed to rescue bathers who get into difficulty at a beach or swimming pool.


Where did I ever say something else?


The one particular case I quoted, and for which I said lifeguard=place might still apply is “where a shape is visible in some imagery, but not in other” showing an “empty deserted *beach*”. Which pretty clearly implies that it’s near water.


I don’t think just because a lifeguard=place isn’t there 24/7, 365 days a year means it isn’t a lifeguard=place.


Which is why I said that tags like seasonal (e.g. only in summer) or opening_hours (e.g. only on weekend, only in specific know times, …) might apply.


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