[Tagging] public_transport=platform rendering on osm-carto

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 20 16:53:01 UTC 2018

Le 20. 06. 18 à 17:44, Jo a écrit :
> Actually I have started to remove public_transport=platform from WAYS 
> with highway=platform and railway=platform. As far as I am concerned 
> public_transport=platform goes on NODES

sorry I didn't understand why (or maybe yes I prefer to not understand)
Zverik's propal that you clone to request that public_transport=platform 
as way should be downgraded to a node-only HAS FAILED !
So if another mapper extend the node to better match the geometry
of the plateform, why are you revert it ?
yes wiki is ambigous. but for almost (?) all objects the extend
from a node into a more precise geometry has always been considered
an improvement, not a mistkae that need to be fixed.
So the next contributor will probably add the PTv2 tags you deleted.

> Removing those tags from ways comes from the objection of some people 
> that there would be both a way and a platform with the 
> public_transport=platform tag.

I remember this talk about that on tranport (french-speaking transit) 
mailing when it became apparent that duplicate objects were so common
in France that they affected stats at a regional scale.
This resulted in a collective work to add missing PTv2 tags,
many contributors spent many hours for that and fix a lot of mistake.
Currently the region of french capital is nearly 100% PTv2 and at the 
country scale in france, there is almost no highway=plateform tag left 
that does not also have its PTv2 equivalent.

Of course one stop in one direction should have :
- only one plateform per "passenger waiting area" (including all variant 
public_transport=platform highway=platform and railway=platform)
- one stop_position

having one "passenger waiting area" mapped as a node + as a way + a MP 
like I already see, with tags randomly distributed or duplicated between 
these osm objects that represent the same thing, it is a mess....

and PTv1 tag should of course be put only on one of the same objets.
If not, you make duplicate objet for the same feature... like currently.

> In other words, the rendering of *=platform on WAYS is just fine as it is.

of course that it is the continuation of Zverik's failed proposal.
but check current pratice :
the supremacy of public_transport=platform over highway=platform
is even clearer if we take into account the duplicate tag
900k for public_transport=platform without (highway=platform or 
84k highway=platform + public_transport=platform
only 9k highway=platform without public_transport=platform
the community has already twice rejected this unintelligible wish to 
have a PTv2custom with different rules totally useless depending
on the transport mode.
PTv2 consists precisely in making things more HOMOGENEOUS.
So please reconsider your modifications and take into account that 
highway=plateform and public_tramsport=plateform are 2 tags for the same 
concept (a passenger waiting area for a public transport), even if the 
render support only the oldest and less common schema for *=platform


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