[Tagging] iD presets

Kevin Kenny kevin.b.kenny+osm at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 20:38:32 UTC 2018

I realize that my last message was far too long.

TL;DR: When I speak of being advised chiefly by data consumers,
I don't mean conforming strictly to the limitations of existing
programs ("tagging for the renderer" in the broad sense), but
rather being informed by the principles:
(a) it's impossible to treat two objects differently if they
are tagged alike, so a tag MUST not have two meanings -
at least if other tags don't render it unambiguous in context.
(b) it's unwise to proliferate tagging styles, since a data
consumer must be prepared to analyze every style that
it's likely to encounter. For this reason, it's wise to discuss
and agree on how objects of common types are to be
tagged - and people who consume the data can offer
invaluable advice on how to tag.

Every mapper is, or depends on, a data consumer.
Why enter data you don't plan to use?

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