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François Lacombe fl.infosreseaux at gmail.com
Sun Jun 24 11:15:52 UTC 2018

Hi all,

tower:type=suspension means that conductors or lines (not specific to
power) are just linked by vertical insulator.
Like this : https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/File:Einebenenmast.jpg

It is opposed to tower:type=anchor which means that conductors or lines are
stopped on the tower
Like this :

It is documented here for now, but would deserve a specific wiki page

As the use of ":type" is a poor idea and this may not be specific to tower
or power, I think about a support:function key to make things clear.
We do have poles with anchor, suspension or line termination, for power or
telecom wires also.
support:function is consistent with support=* used to define any kind of
support (pole, pedestal, wall...) for a particular feature.

Finally this would be a useful split with values like
tower:type=communication which doesn't deal with line attachment at all

How do you fell ?


2018-06-24 11:21 GMT+02:00 <osm.tagging at thorsten.engler.id.au>:

> I was more thinking about the possibility of mapping above ground
> phone/data cables. Not sure if any of them are strung on what could be
> considered a “tower” or if it’s always a “pole”…
> So while there currently is primarily a power=tower + tower:type=*
> I could see something like telecom=tower + tower:type=* also showing up at
> some point.
> And to keep the possibility open that other types of “towers that hold
> cables up” are defined in the future, I don’t think tower:type=suspension
> should automatically imply power=tower if not explicitly tagged as such.
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> Not in any way involved with power mapping, but I don’t think tower:type
> should have necessarily any implications about what it is that’s being
> transmitted over the suspended cables.
> I agree, in principle any power:type may be use to transmit any type of
> power (or not be used at all).
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