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Mon Jun 25 22:49:17 UTC 2018

On Mon, Jun 25, 2018 at 11:14 PM, Graeme Fitzpatrick <graemefitz1 at gmail.com>

> To my mind, =discount & =variety are exactly the same shops. While
> =variety has a full article, I'd personally think that they should both be
> called =discount.

To my mind they're different.  Although I wouldn't have chosen variety as
the value, that's what we have for what is
often referred to as a dollar store (west Atlantic) or pound shop (east
Atlantic).  They started off with a single price
point for a variety of cheap tat, now they have two or three price points
for the cheap tat and may also sell more expensive
tat too.  But they're not primarily food stores and may not have any food
items at all.  Trinkets and gizmos, for the most
part.  See, for example, my local variety shop: http://mikesshop.co.uk/
(the 1990s just called and asked for its web
design back).  Product range has little overlap with a supermarket or
convenience store.

Discount stores are, as I understand it (I don't have any remotely near me)
more of a cut-down wholesaler but open
to the public.  Presentation and packaging is that of a wholesaler, and
savings come from buying in bulk. Depending on
the particular retailer, product range may be primarily foodstuff
(overlapping with supermarkets and convenience stores)
or might concentrate on things like office supplies.  When it's foodstuffs
you're not buying a consumer-size box of
cornflakes but a very large carton of consumer-size boxes of cornflakes.

Of course, there are probably stores that are a blend of the above.  I
think we need a real-world mailing list so we can
vote on how to make the real world conform to our tagging schemes.

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