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2018-06-26 11:00 GMT+02:00 Selfish Seahorse <selfishseahorse at gmail.com>:

> As far as I know, prices are also low because discount stores
> typically sell own labels (no name products) instead of band products,
> because there's usually only one product per category instead of a
> dozen of it (e.g. only one kind of coffee, vanilla yoghurt or
> toothpaste)  because they sell only products with a high rotation
> (e.g. no fresh herbs, wholemeal flour or lactose-free products),
> because they sell products off pallets instead of putting them on
> shelves, because the shops are usually located at peripheries where
> rents are lower than in centres, because they attract customers with
> special offers (like smartphones at very low prices, but they only
> sell five of it) and/or because of parallel imports of brand products.

exactly. Wholesale is a different story. Discount shops do not sell huge
packings / wholesale confections with many boxes inside. They might sell
slightly bigger packages (often made on purpose for them, not available in
other supermarkets), like 1,75l  lemonade instead of 1/1,5l lemonade, or
500gr cornflakes instead of 375gr cornflakes, but you will not find 4000gr

Generally, small selection, simple presentation (besides pallets, they use
different shelves, e.g. shelves with 2 boards instead of 5-7 boards,
because they put boxes upon boxes in the shelves and sell out of the boxes,
rather than placing products in the shelves individually).

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