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> exactly. Wholesale is a different story. Discount shops do not sell huge
> packings / wholesale confections with many boxes inside. They might sell
> slightly bigger packages (often made on purpose for them, not available in
> other supermarkets), like 1,75l  lemonade instead of 1/1,5l lemonade, or
> 500gr cornflakes instead of 375gr cornflakes, but you will not find 4000gr
> Cornflakes.

Hmm   I think this is another example of different countries,/different
terminologies.  What you just described there sounds
very much like my local Aldi, which most people here think of as a
supermarket, not a discounter.  A supermarket that is
cheaper than the other supermarkets, a supermarket that mostly sells
products that are made for them under brand names
that disguise the fact that the real brand is Aldi), but still a

Over in the US a discount store means something very different.  It is much
closer to being a wholesaler that sells to
the public.

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