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2018-06-26 17:50 GMT+02:00 Mateusz Konieczny <matkoniecz at tutanota.com>:

> 26. Jun 2018 15:53 by pla16021 at gmail.com:
> Again, I have to say that in the UK people think of Aldi and Lidl as
> supermarkets.  Cheaper, different brands, but in
> the same mental category as Tesco and Safeway.
> The same in Poland.

there are clearly verifiable differences, e.g. you cannot buy anything
truely "fresh" at Aldi or Lidl, there might be a very small selection of
fruit and vegetable, but they won't have fish or meat or cheese other than
prepackaged and/or frozen. You will typically not get any really good beer,
quality might be decent but they don't have the upper end quality (and
maybe not even the low end), the extremely reduced variety is also
observable, as is the presentation style (in boxes, not individually,

For other kind of store that are not selling food, the attribute "discount"
often means supposedly cheap, inferior products (and maybe additionally
quality stuff at the usual price), might be ok for occasional use, but the
Pros buy elsewhere.

There are also drugstore discounters (DM etc.), which have in Germany
entirely replaced what once were the chemists. Or building_centres which
have replaced serious hard ware stores (talking again about Germany here,
in Italy there are still ten thousands of hardware stores, you find them at
every second corner, but they often sell the same china tools you get at

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