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I've asked this question before on OpenStreetMap Help and mapped the route
as suggested. (
I've mapped the portages where one carries the canoe as
highway=footpath but the water portions of the route do not show up in OSM
or OSMAnd. The canoe route is the Swan Lake Canoe Trail. There is a portion
of it here (https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=14/60.7101/-150.6839) where
one can see the footway portions, the portages, but the untagged ways
crossing the lakes are invisible. The ways are included in my route
relation but I'm at a loss as to how to tag them so they exist as a part of
the route.

AFAIK, existing canoe routes use waterway tags to indicate the water
portions of the routes, e.g., waterway=stream, but the routes I'm
working on pass through lakes. There is no stream involved, nor is there a
footway across the lakes.

I know I'm raising the specter of tagging for the renderer but if the water
portions of this route aren't visible or findable, how would a routing
engine or a GPS make use of them? How should I tag those ways that cross
the lakes?



Dave Swarthout
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Chiang Mai, Thailand
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