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If there are actual poles and stop signs, you can only “board” at these places and at specific times, and the “driver” stays with the group from the first to the last stop, then yeah, I can see this as being very different from a “school crossing guard” which generally stays at one specific crossing and controls the traffic there. And under these conditions, I think the term “platform” as it is used in PTv2 does apply to the position of the poles.


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Please DO follow Thorsten's suggestion and follow PTv2, mapping the stops as nodes alongside the street/way (not on it) in the proper direction. Tag each one:





is walking really a kind of “public transport”? Are we going to tag places as public transport platforms where people are waiting for someone else to accompany them for walking somewhere?


To me “walking bus” seems just a new buzzword for a service that has been in existence for a long time (school crossing guards) and that was never considered public transport until someone proclaimed it could be seen as kind of “bus” but without a vehicle ;-)


I don’t think it shouldn’t be tagged, but I don’t see it as public transport either, particularly I don’t believe we should use the term platform in context of this kind of service 





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