[Tagging] Tagging national/international routes.

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Mon May 7 21:48:53 UTC 2018

Even local hiking routes can have variations in starting and stopping 
places as well as route variations to accommodate things.

I take the view that the 'normal' route is what I map. The different 
start/stopping options lie along the route and can be accessed by those 
using the route. Just like a bus route or a train route.

The route variations I'm not certain of.

In any case .. I try to help the end users .. such as waymarkedtrails .. 
most usefull to have the route correctly displayed there.

On 08/05/18 04:20, Peter Elderson wrote:
> I've been searching the wiki's for a good description of how to tag 
> long hiking routes, particularly compound international routes with 
> separate sections per country, where the national section is also a 
> national path on its own which in turn consists of several (sometimes 
> many) sections.
> Directionality  is not a problem with hiking routes, but alternative 
> routes and different starting routes are very common and have to be 
> accommodated.
> I can found some thoughts about it under "relations", but not a clear 
> and definite scheme how to do this. Is there a consensus and if so 
> where can I find the thematical documentation?
> -- 
> Vr gr Peter Elderson

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