[Tagging] address property vs. housenumber as a feature

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Wed May 9 21:41:59 UTC 2018

Is there a way to indicate a housenumber is a feature, vs. a property?

In many places, housenumbers refer to buildings or sites, and you might omit addresses on contained features (because you can hope for inheritance from the containing address object). Unfortunately the situation in Italy is a bit different in this regard, as housenumbers are assigned to entrances (either site or building) and even potential entrances.

This leads to the common situation that the same housenumber appears multiple times (on the entrance as a feature and on the contained features like businesses as an address property). Businesses being accessible through different housenumbers is not a rare exception but rather common. They deal with it differently: while some list all or a bunch of the numbers as their address, others choose one (often but not always the main entrance).

If you map the POI as an area, you might often be able to represent the numbers that are part of the area (unless they are not on the ground floor, or the building is not directly on the street hence the number is typically at a gate on the site perimeter). Still most people (including myself) don’t map small businesses in shared buildings as areas, so duplicated address information is common.

Some of my fellow mappers are dealing with this by adding the poi information to the entrance, but this is unsatisfactory because of several reasons:

- it can only deal with cases where one number is for one business, it doesn’t work for multiple entrances or numbers and it doesn’t work for shared entrances (one number for several pois)

- it is topologically wrong (the poi is not on the perimeter, neither inside nor outside, it is inside). The poi is also not the same as the entrance, if you add entrance=* it is an entrance and should not get other tags for a different object (the poi) like name etc.



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