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according to the wiki, you can't use "cycleway:left" and "cycleway:right" at the same time. Would you agree this requirement should be removed?

This particular wiki page seems to be somewhat misleading in that case.


cycleway:left=* describes the cycleway on the left side (as seen when looking in the forward direction of the way), on its own, it does not say anything about the presence or absence of a cycleway on the right side.


So if you have a road with a cycleway on only one side :






to be explicit you could then also add:




(the absence of a tag isn’t guaranteed to mean “no”, it could also mean “unknown”, depending on how the software interprets it, as there is no clearly defined default value for cycleway).


If there are cycleways on both sides, you can write it as either:



(only in case of a two-way street, for a one-way street, this would imply that there is only one cycle lane on the left- or right-hand side [depending on local traffic rules])





(which even in case of a one-way street would mean that there are two cycleways, both in the same direction as the oneway street; in case of a two-way street the cycle lanes on the different sides are in the direction of traffic on that side of the road)






(same as cycleway:both=lane)


The main reason why you would use separate tags is for:




(or any other case when the cycleway type is different on both sides of the road).


If the later case (different cycleway on left and right side) is allowed (which is necessary), then it doesn’t make sense to prohibit use of the same tags with the same value.

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