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>>  >> A "name" is what something is "called" by "others." Which "others" are considered, is the real debate here. Is it the council? Is it the residents within 100m? Is it a tourist who doesn't speak the local language? Who gets priority? This is something that cartographers (AKA humans determining the rendering) must decide, depending on who the map is for.
> I would suggest that the name is what it says on the sign.  Because if you have a hardcopy map, or there's no
> GPS signal on your phone, the sign is what you're looking for.  If the locals call it something other than what is
> on the sign, that is what loc_name is for (in some circumstances alt_name or old_name might be more
> appropriate).  If a mapper puts something else in the name field than what it says on the sign, I get an urge
> to meet that mapper and shake him/her warmly by the neck because that information is of no use to me.

Note that name used and tagged is frequently part of what sign displays.

For example: Starbucks vs Starbucks Coffee

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