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On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 11:29 AM, Colin Smale <colin.smale at xs4all.nl> wrote:

> A "name" is what something is "called" by "others." Which "others" are
> considered, is the real debate here. Is it the council? Is it the residents
> within 100m? Is it a tourist who doesn't speak the local language? Who gets
> priority? This is something that cartographers (AKA humans determining the
> rendering) must decide, depending on who the map is for.
> I would suggest that the name is what it says on the sign.  Because if you
have a hardcopy map, or there's no
GPS signal on your phone, the sign is what you're looking for.  If the
locals call it something other than what is
on the sign, that is what loc_name is for (in some circumstances alt_name
or old_name might be more
appropriate).  If a mapper puts something else in the name field than what
it says on the sign, I get an urge
to meet that mapper and shake him/her warmly by the neck because that
information is of no use to me.

Where your questions arise is where there is no sign.  So if you have a
hardcopy map (or no GPS on your
phone) what would you rather see on the map when you ask somebody where X
is?  What the locals call
the place, because most of the people you'll see on the street will be
locals?  What the council calls it,
although the chances of encountering a council employee are small?  What
other tourists who ALSO do not
know what the name is call it?  Hint: those other tourists call it what's
on the map they have or "I don't know
what it's called."

This isn't rocket surgery.  We map reality and approximate to reality if we
must.  So the name comes from
signage, if there is any, or from locals if there is no signage, or from
the council if the locals don't have a
name for it.  Preferably by using loc_name (and maybe official_name for
cases where only the council has
a name for it which locals don't know and there is no signage).

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