[Tagging] complete tagging of all 'right of way'-cases

Ruben Kelevra ruben at vfn-nrw.de
Thu May 10 21:28:04 UTC 2018

> 10 May 2018 13:54:09 -0700 Tod Fitch <tod at fitchdesign.com>:
> There are “four way”/“all way” stops in my area where traffic on the
> primary road is required to stop. I map those by putting the
> highway=stop on the junction node. For those where not all the ways
> are required to stop, I put the highway=stop on the “limit line”. My
> reading of the wiki a while back implied that was all that was
> needed. More recently, based on mail list discussions, I have been
> adding direction=forward/backward on those too.
> Not sure why a relation is needed for these as it is pretty simply to
> tag and, I assume, for a data consumer to use the current tagging.
I think we're fine with more than one solution, for a simple 4-way-stop
a node in the intersecting-node and direction=all should be enough for
data consumer.

Analog to this, a tag on the intersecting node of two streets with a
priority-to-the-right should be enough as well. I guess
'highway=give_way; give_way=right' or similar should be okay. If there's
a left-hand-country using this law in the opposite direction an analog
'highway=give_way; give_way=left' would be added.

But this neither allows many options to add nor to handle special
cases. So we need more.

Best regards,


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