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A lot of residential roads here don’t have markings, like here:




But they are clearly intended to be 2 lane roads. (Which can be seen from the reflectors that are sometimes in the middle of the road and the fact that ty do have lane markings in some places, e.g. at the T intersection.


I would (and have) tagged such roads with lanes=2.


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2018-05-11 11:36 GMT+02:00 Philip Barnes <phil at trigpoint.me.uk <mailto:phil at trigpoint.me.uk> >:

Roads with a width less than 4.5m do not have lane markings. I live in a rural area where there are a lot of such roads and tag these using the width tag. I would only use lanes if there are painted lanes on the road. 


i.e. you would remove lanes tags in cases where the markings have disappeared due to missing maintenance? Would you split roads before intersections to add lanes tags close to traffic lights where there are markings, so you could remove the lanes tags from the parts where there aren't? How long would you say a segment of missing markings has to be in order to merit splitting the highway and removing the lanes tag?



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