[Tagging] tagging of one-way cycle lanes

Bryan Housel bryan at 7thposition.com
Sun May 13 20:51:26 UTC 2018

Hah speaking of lanes..
Why does the osm wiki page for `leisure=track` list `lanes=*` under the “useful combination” section.
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:leisure=track <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:leisure=track>

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen an athletics track that allowed motorized vehicles to drive around it.

It kind of makes one question whether a community edited wiki is a good way to standardize a tagging scheme intended to produce a coherant mapping dataset.  Bold suggestion: maybe the people who write the tools should just get together over beers and decide what all the tags should be.  I’ll buy!

Until then, I think it would be great if people are nicer to one another, respect each other’s viewpoints, be willing to be wrong, and don't take either the established tagging or the wiki too seriously.  Everything in OSM is broken to some degree, but everything in OSM can be improved if people care enough to do so.

Thanks, Bryan

p.s. Yes iD does suggest the lanes tag on athletic tracks based on this wiki page.  Don’t hate me.
p.p.s.  It’s been this way at least 4 years and nobody has complained.

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> Back to this again, Paul. It is getting tiresome. If you don't like how the tag is defined, create a new one. Don't vandalize the old one.
> Improvement=vandalism.  Got it.
> There is a clear consensus that redefining lanes tag is not considered to be an improvement.
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