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To get back to your original question…


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I want to tag a road (one of thousands in this country) that has two lanes for cars  (one in each direction) and two cycle lanes, one on each side. Thes cycle lanes are by law one-way in the same direction of the motorized traffic in the neighbouring road lane.


This does not require any specific tagging. It is the basic assumption that lanes (in the absence of specific tags declaring otherwise) are always “oneway” in the direction of the normal traffic flow (depending on left- or right-hand traffic) on the side of the road where they are.


So the easiest tagging is:





if you do want to use detailed lane tags, you can *additionally* (the two tags above remain as such for data users that are not aware of the detailed lane tagging) use:






width:lanes:forward=2.5|1.5 (whatever the actual lane widths are)



(or bicycle:lanes:forward/backward=no|designated if the bicycles are not allowed to use the normal lanes, but be careful with that near intersections as it might wrongly deny bicycles access to turn lanes)




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