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Sat May 19 14:44:52 UTC 2018

> > With emergency and disabled as part of access restrictions, they
> central question becomes, are these access tag values (like yes, no,
> private, destination, delivery, customers, ...) or transport modes
> (like foot, bicycle, motor_vehicle, ...)
> this is already documented on the access page

Yes, as I already pointed out myself in the part of my message that you didn't quote.

I was questioning if the decisions that had been made was the correct one (or at least if it should be extended).

e.g. "emergency" is documented as a transport mode:

emergency=* (category: emergency motor vehicles; e.g., ambulance, fire truck, police car)

Now suppose I have a gate (intended for foot traffic). The gate has a sign "Emergency Personnel Only".

emergency=yes is obviously wrong. That would imply that an ambulance can drive through there.

foot=emergency would make much more sense instead.

That would make it an access value, similar to:

delivery: Only when delivering to the element.
customers: Only for customers of the element. If access is not open to any person willing to pay, consider using private instead. Membership clubs are generally tagged as private.
agricultural: Only for agricultural traffic.
forestry: Only for forestry traffic.

That is, emergency would in this case be a property of the person wanting access, instead of the specific transport mode a person is currently using.

Similar issue with disabled.

Disabled, according to the wiki is in the category:

access/vehicle/motor_vehicle/By use/disabled

Suppose I want to tag e.g. a priority entrance for disabled people as part of a ticket barrier at a railway station.

disabled=yes would imply that it's for use by disabled people in motor vehicles?

That sounds wrong.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying emergency and disabled should be removed as transport modes.

But I can see cases where emergency and disabled makes sense as access values instead.

My previous post was meant to invite discussion on this, not a "we are done with that already, move on".


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