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Wed May 23 05:41:24 UTC 2018

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> >> Could not this information be included in the note tag?
> > note is free text for mapper
> > unsigned is also used by tools like http://qa.poole.ch/
> I don't think any data consumer will use this information, so it is
> for the mapper .. so that fits in the note key. If may not be easy
> to automate it, but is that required?

A tool could make recommendations about what to survey, which might point out business that don't have an opening_hours tag.

If there is an easily automatable tag indicating that the opening_hours are not signed at the premises, the tool could either not recommend that location for a survey or specifically list that opening hours might have to be looked up online or inquired about in some other way.

So I'm in agreement that it's worthwhile to tag this information in a fixed way, not using the note tag for it.

Instead of making that specific about opening_hours, I would suggest we establish one of the following pattern:

<any key>:sign=yes/no/disused
(disused = sign is present but unreadable or known to be out of date and not matching the real situation)


unsigned:<any key>=yes/no
(disused would sound wrong in this context, though I would like to be able to map that information in some way)

There are other tags (like source) that already follow the 2nd pattern. On the other hand, the first pattern keeps the information that should stay together better in one place when looking at a sorted list of tags.

I might be worthwhile to also consider how this would interact with last_checked (not that commonly used, but probably useful in combination with this tag):

<any key>:sign:last_checked=<date>
last_checked:<any key>:sign=<date>

unsigned:<any key>:last_checked=<date>
last_checked:unsigned:<any key>=<date>

Personally I would prefer the first over the last choice, and the middle two just look wrong.


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