[Tagging] Sample tagging for highways with no lane markings

Paul Johnson baloo at ursamundi.org
Thu May 24 03:06:51 UTC 2018

On Wed, May 23, 2018 at 12:31 PM, yo paseopor <yopaseopor at gmail.com> wrote:

> Case B: some pics before
> https://www.mapillary.com/app/?lat=41.46210902249982&lng=12.
> 874923250143638&z=17&pKey=ygjsHztch9KkrIILOPA3Jg&focus=
> photo&x=0.49575874366663175&y=0.4652742508751958&zoom=0.3348214285714282
> lanes=1, impossible to be estimated:lanes=2 , instead of some itallian
> driver would try to overtake you for the right. There is no invitation at
> all, please be clever, be serious, think about all the vehicles that may
> use some osm app with these values. And also map for the safety of the
> different kind of drivers.

Plus in the US, this often isn't terribly different, as people will attempt
(smart and legal or otherwise) to pass bicycles on blind curves and whatnot
on a road like this, and there's a tendency to use residential streets as
defacto living streets, since we have no formalized concept of that in our
road designs, so the entire width is shared space with the only real
consistency being that parking is facing forward on the right hand curb or
just past the right edge of the paved surface.
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