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> In that case it is a service-thing rather than a route-thing. Is it
> generally used like that?
> The wiki just mentions the co-location of start/endpoint of the route.
> I'm going by what I've encountered in various towns and cities.

I've seen many routes where the bus goes from A->B, passengers disembark at
new passengers board at B and the bus then goes from B->A.  It's not a
round trip.
Even if you buy a return ticket or have an unlimited use ticket, you still
have to get
off at B.  Often there is a 5 or 10 minute (or longer) layover at B while
the driver
has a piss or a cup of coffee or a smoke (or all three at once, perhaps).

I've also seen routes where it truly is a round trip (and most of those
were also
circulars).  With an unlimited ticket you could stay on the bus all day.  I
met one
guy who did because in winter it cost him too much to heat his house, so
he was on the bus with a packed lunch, several cans of beer (illegal) and a

There is also a route I've yet to map, and am struggling to figure out how
do it.  One of the things I can handle is still pertinent: it goes from the
bus station
(A) like this: A->B->C->D->A->B->P->A->Z->A->B [out of service] -> A.  Z is
actually a roundabout, with no official stops between it and A, merely so
the bus
can enter A in one direction and come back in the other.  But it's a
service, so theoretically it's possible to get off or on at Z.  Over the
entire route
it's not a round trip even though it visits some parts of the route more
than once.
Actually, I simplified a lot.  There are aspects of that route I can't
figure out how
to handle.

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