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> Is there anything missing?
Having had time to think about it, I don't think that removal, dismantling
or even partial
dismantling are essential characteristics.

Take a look at
and then look at it in some street-level imagery (even if it's the kind
we're not permitted to take mapping
info from, since you're just looking at images, not mapping from them).
For those who like to be
spoon-fed, try

There are several rows of market stall with footpaths (not streets) between
them.  I don't think that
disqualifies them.  The frames are (as I recall) permanent fixtures.  I
don't think that disqualifies them.
It looks like the canvas canopy may no longer be able to be rolled up to
prevent damage from high
winds, but I can't be certain of that.  In any case, I don't think that
disqualifies them.

The defining characteristic, to my mind, is that they are not enclosed by
walls.  The trader must
remove the items overnight.  The trader may leave the stall briefly to go
to the toilet, when nearby
traders will keep an eye on things, but if the goods were left there
unattended overnight they'd
be spirited away.  Those are operational details, though.  The thing that
makes them street
vendors is that they're on the street (those on the periphery are on
pedestrianized streets, the
rest are on footpaths between stalls) and there are no walls or other
barriers to prevent access at
any time.

You may think otherwise, but I'd call them street vendors.

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