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Tue May 29 11:49:46 UTC 2018

On Tue, May 29, 2018 at 12:33 PM, Peter Elderson <pelderson at gmail.com>

> > So, in this
> > case, the route wasn't designed for the benefit of a hot-shot on the
> council or for a single person with COPD
> > (as others have suggested) but for the benefit of a large number of
> people.
> Sorry about that, I shouldn't have attempted humor.

No need to apologize.   The hot-shot thing happens everywhere.  Especially
here in Wales.  You can travel
along a main (ish) road with ribbon villages scattered along it and one of
those villages has much better
and newer street lighting and road signage than the others.  That's where a
county councillor lives.  There's
even a word for the mechanism behind it: the Tafia (compound of a nickname
for a Welsh person, "Taffy," and

So yes, it's entirely conceivable that a bus route would be altered for the
convenience of an individual.  Services
about 20 miles away were changed years ago: the changes didn't make sense
and greatly inconvenienced
those using the services (and especially those for whom the changed service
was no longer useful).  The only
rational explanation was that the changes benefited an influential

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