[Tagging] How to tag named group of named water areas?

Mateusz Konieczny matkoniecz at tutanota.com
Sun Nov 4 10:35:38 UTC 2018

4. Nov 2018 06:36 by daveswarthout at gmail.com <mailto:daveswarthout at gmail.com>:
> I realize it can be done this way but it's a ton of work (quote: not very easy) compared to making one simple edit to tag the entire collection of ways. 

I would not call clicking three or four times "ton of work". 


> I simply cannot understand why anyone would prefer this method over the much easier one of merely adding or editing a tag in the relation. 

It may be slightly more easier to mass edit tags, but it is very rare operation.

It is more typical to check meaning of existing object (the most common for most of mappers)

or to edit parts of the entire object.

Splitting tagging into relation and individual ways is making it much harder.


> As for your comment:  "half of tags > is>  here, half in this > relation> "; frankly that problem wouldn't exist if people were tagging relations properly in the first place.

I referred to idea of removing tags from individual ways (like man_made=pipeline) andkeeping them only in relation.
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