[Tagging] How to include the new speed limits of Madrid (Spain)?

Alejandro Moreno almorca at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 12:24:16 UTC 2018

A few weeks ago has been aproved a new regulation on Madrid (Spain) and
default speed limits have been modified in 80% of streets and several new
limits have been created that I do not know how to represent in

The new limits are:
30km/h for streets with lanes = 1 (or without label lanes), oneway = yes
and without max-speed signal.
30km/h for streets with lanes = 2 (or without label lanes), oneway = no and
without max-speed signal.

These new limits are only imposed by the new regulations and this could
change in the future. If a street has a max-spe

How can I mapping? I think that an option is use max-speed=30km/h with
source:maxspeed=ES-Madrid:urban (or something similar) but I'm not very
confortable with this tagging. I don't know if there are any option to show
this default max-speed in a boundary.
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