[Tagging] visa offices tags

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 22:12:40 UTC 2018

The case I have is;

1) this is a commercial firm - not a government 
2) it 'assist' people to obtain a visa
3) it is not at an airport/seaport/boarder
4) the visa is obtained before travel commences.
5) it is not within the country where the visa is used

What other thing/s have I left out?

I would like a tag that applies to;

1) a commercial firm, not governmental
2) 'assist' with any visa types - so not limited to one type of visa
3) any location - not necessarily at an entry point.
4) any country or group of countries

To me that looks like
country=* - possibly visa:country=* ?
company=visa ?
country=* - possibly visa:country=* ?

It is defiantly not

On 07/11/18 08:17, John Willis wrote:
> Tourist visas are handled by different offices - usually at airports.

Not what I  want to tag, these would be governmental .. so 
office=government would apply as a primary tag.

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