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> > Even if you can make it fit, it's not necessarily a good idea to do it.
> > I'm thinking of the Hoover Dustette.
> Excuse my ignorance. You’re thinking to what ?

The Hoover Dustette was a cylinder vacuum cleaner.  The impeller had no
protective guard since
it was set so far inside the machine that the British Standard Finger (yes,
there is such a thing)
could not reach it and therefore it was not a danger.  Not a danger until
somebody found himself
sexually attracted to something that was warm, throbbed and sucked.  It
didn't end well for him.
Nor for the others that tried the same thing.  The excuses they came up
with for how they had their
"accident" were amusing.  Moral which applies to this thread: even if you
can make it fit, it may not
be a good idea to do so.

> I'm not sure that a wiki would be the optimal architecture for this if we
> ended up with many GTFS feeds that were interrogated frequently.
> Problem solved already, it seems: http://transitfeeds.com.

 Looks good, apart from their problem loading Google Maps.  If only there
were some other map
they could use instead. :)

I think that, unless there are serious flaws with GTFS, we should figure
out a way to tag it.  Another
problem I thought of is whether it should go on individual stops or route
relations.  Simplicity and
data integrity says on route relations.  The ability for an ordinary user
to use the query tool on the
standard map to find which buses stop at a certain stop and at what times
says on bus/train stops.

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