[Tagging] Reversible Road tagging

Richard ricoz.osm at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 20:04:57 UTC 2018

On Fri, Nov 09, 2018 at 07:59:22PM +0100, yo paseopor wrote:
> One little point
> Untill now GPS navigation is orientative, not compulsory, obligatory or
> have-to-do. So instead your Osmand says you go in opposite direction, you
> drive, you decide. No kamikaze please.

correct, but it is not our intention to produce data that is better suited for
kamikaze drivers than normal users.. is it?

> yopaseopor
> PD: conditional lanes tagging situation would be interesting with a new tag
> (forward/backward/reversible), for example...
> lanes:forward=1
> lanes:backward=1
> lanes:reversible=1
> reversible:forward=Mo-Su 07:00-09:00,15:30-17:30
> reversible:backward=Mo-Su 9:00-15:30
> reversible:closed=Mo-Su 17:30-07:00

Imho conditional restrictions have everything we need, it provides perhaps a little
bit more than that and we should pick one preferred method.

- mentions lanes and directional restrictions explicitly

so perhaps
lanes:forward:conditional=2 @ (09:00-17:00)
lanes:backward:conditional=2 @ (17:01-8:59)

I suspect there might be some places already tagged somehow similar like this 
but can't find them now..

As it has not been implemented in any routers that I know about it might be
good to ask in the issue trackers of some routers if they have an idea what 
would be reasonably easy to implement.


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