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Mon Nov 12 10:08:14 UTC 2018

Am So., 11. Nov. 2018 um 17:11 Uhr schrieb Andy Townsend <ajt1047 at gmail.com

> No, putting a source on an object is not "bad practice".  If the source
> for all of the objects in a changeset is the same then of course it
> makes sense to use a changeset tag for the source rather than repeating
> the same object tag many times, but if different objects in the
> changeset have different sources then it is extremely helpful to other
> mappers to include them.  It's not compulsory (almost nothing is in OSM)
> but it can be helpful.

it is also good practice to divide/structure your changesets according to
the sources, so that it doesn't happen you have different sources within
the same changeset, at least not deliberately (by adding source tags to the

I see lots of (for example) "source=bing" which likely imply traced by a
mapper as seen on aerial imagery from Bing (but it could also mean she
imported the object from data released by Bing, or based on a website found
through bing, etc.), and his tag is completely worthless if I don't look at
the history to see which things have been modified or added or deleted in
the changeset that introduced the tag, and I must also verify that all
edits that came later didn't change these things (and the mapper simply
kept the source tag without updating it).

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