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Allan Mustard allan at mustard.net
Tue Nov 13 01:22:24 UTC 2018

Warin, may I please remind you that in your message of 31 October you
were the mapper who expressed great concern about loss of data?

On 11/13/2018 2:37 AM, Colin Smale wrote:
> On 2018-11-12 22:00, Warin wrote:
>> On 13/11/18 01:07, Allan Mustard wrote:
>>> Not contrived at all in these days of tight budgets. I see no reason
>>> the inverse would not work. I'll add it.
>> I think there are too many things in the proposal. Keep it simple.
>> Yes the 'extras' might sound nice but they add complexity and each
>> one is a point that can lead to someone objecting to that specific
>> thing and leading to enough no votes that it fails.
> At moments like this I like to invoke one of my heroes: Albert
> Einstein. One famous saying attributed to him is: As simple as
> possible, but no simpler.
> If you simplify complex realities too much, you lose valuable detail.
> If it's complex, it's complex. If you want to leave out a level of
> detail, such as being able to distinguish between the different types
> of services provided on behalf of multiple "tenant" countries in a
> diplomatic mission, then so be it, but let's discuss whether it is
> desirable to leave that out, and whether the resultant ambiguity is
> acceptable. Data modelling means constructing an approximation to
> reality, and is all about what details to keep in and what to leave
> out. Once it is left out, it cannot be reconstructed from the rest of
> the data. (If it can, your data model is not properly normalised.)
> If OSM is being limited to being suboptimal because of politics and
> the inability to reach consensus, I would rather the system was fixed
> instead of condemning the whole business to eternal mediocrity.
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