[Tagging] Add some tag to identify disputed borders

SelfishSeahorse selfishseahorse at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 17:08:43 UTC 2018

On Wed, 14 Nov 2018 at 16:57, Martin Koppenhoefer
<dieterdreist at gmail.com> wrote:
> I can understand de facto and claimed, but I find de jure hard. Which law do you apply? There is international law, customary international law ok, but if the country doesn’t consent to certain ideas, e.g. doesn’t recognize the ICJ, or has a different idea of customary international law? There are international treaties, but they might contradict themselves, be disputed by one of the parties, not be ratified by some few countries but by the vast majority, etc. Somehow we will have to judge ourselves or decide which authority we recognize (e.g. UN/ICJ).

This is why i used the roles 'undisputed', 'controlled' and 'claimed'
in my draft [1]. Undisputed seems to be less problematic than de jure,
but we still would have to define where we draw the line.

[1]: https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/tagging/2018-November/040905.html


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