[Tagging] Using multipolygons to map bays in Alaska

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Sat Nov 17 01:52:28 UTC 2018

W dniu 17.11.2018 o 02:00, Christoph Hormann pisze:
> On Saturday 17 November 2018, Daniel Koc4� wrote:
>> The problem is that I have asked you how to draw verifiable node,
>> [...] 
> No, you have not, you have asked:
>> It would be much more useful if you tell now how to verify position
>> of this node?
> And i told you exactly that.

I have told you exactly how to verify the shape of a strait/bay area
just by using even simpler operation (connecting the dots). So the area
is verifiable now, just because the operation is also fully verifiable -
isn't it?

Everything starts with assuming we know the borders of this area, which
is the source of all verifiability problems - not the operations.

> (which by the way is against the goals of OSM-Carto even if your 
> opinion on this has merit).  

I don't see any support for your opinion about it, there's nothing about
rendering polygons being bad (or good) in the goals you wrote.

> You can try to justify that all you want - 
> this does not change anything about the argument i gave against it - 
> that the polygon drawing almost never adds any verifiable information 
> on the geographic reality compared to a node or a linear way 
> representation.

You did not answer basic question, which helps to show how verifiable is
a node in the middle of some area: how do you measure a precise middle
of the completely unknown shape?

(If you don't have some other, hidden assumptions, which would be a
problem in itself.)

> I can just hope most mappers will emancipate themselves from 
> this and not invest their time and energy in mapping and maintining 
> polygon mazes over coastal waters.

When I edit any big city I find a lot of way and polygon mazes (a lot of
crossing lines). Maintaining them is a real problem I face from time to
time, yet nobody has proposed to remove them and use nodes instead.

Water areas will never be that bad in this respect, they are much simpler.

"Excuse me, I have some growing up to do" [P. Gabriel]

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