[Tagging] Using multipolygons to map bays in Alaska

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Sun Nov 18 12:24:08 UTC 2018

On Sun, Nov 18, 2018 at 4:43 AM Daniel Koć <daniel at koć.pl> wrote:

This includes not only geometry problems (sorry - a node for entire Asia
> looks like a joke!), but also lack of convention for tagging biggest
> rivers, lack of idea how to tag and render generic names of biggest
> areas (3 languages in Belgium as name=* is quite strange, but which and
> how many languages should we display for Atlantic?), lack of convention
> for mountain ranges, geographical regions and so on...

I know this is a side-issue, but the answer to this is simple.  One.  But,
when (if) vector mapping
permits it, the answer is "many," but only one is ever displayed.  At small
scales, what is on
local signage is important whatever your own language because you use
signage to verify that
you really are where you think you are.  At intermediate and larger scales
you want the map to
behave more like a gazetteer or atlas: you want the names in your own
language, as specified by
your browser.

Yes, it's more complex than that.  Sat at home, planning a trip to what I
know (in English) as
Munich I want to see France, Germany and Munich on the map.  Driving along
autobahns I want to
know that I ought to look for signs to München and once there I want to see
street names in German,
not their English translation.  The exact point at which to switch would be
hard to determine
algorithmically, but there is room for a ninth button at the right to
switch languages.
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